Electronic Banking Help

Can I pay bills online?

Yes, if you have a checking account with Wayne Bank and are enrolled in Internet Banking you can enroll in our Bill Payment service.

How do I enroll for Bill Payment?

You will need a working Wayne Bank Internet Banking logon and a Wayne Bank checking account to enroll in Wayne Bank's Bill Payment service. Once you logon to Internet Banking click on the Bill Payment tab. You will be instructed to read and accept Wayne Bank's Bill Payment Service Agreement Terms and Conditions. During enrollment, you will be required to enter a valid external email address to allow us to send you bill pay communications. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be enrolled and can begin using the Bill Payment service.

How much does Bill Payment cost?

The good news is that Bill Payment is a free service.

Who can I pay through Bill Payment?

You can pay businesses, organizations or individuals at verifiable addresses within the United States. A merchant is any company, service or individual to whom you make payments. Merchants can be anyone who bills you, such as:

  • your telephone company
  • your credit card company
  • individuals, such as your landlord or newspaper carrier

Are there any payments I should not make through Bill Payment?

  • Tax or other government payments
  • Court ordered payments
  • Payment to payees outside the United States

Is there a limit on how many bills I can pay per month?

No, you can pay an unlimited number of bills each month.

How much time do I need to allow for my bills to be paid?

You schedule your bills based upon your due date. Use the calendar to determine the earliest available payment date.

Can I schedule payments on the same day each month?

Yes, Bill Payment allows you to schedule recurring payments. Recurring payments are payments that you schedule in advance to repeat at substantially regular intervals in the same amount to the same payee.

What is considered a "business day"?

Our business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

How do I add a merchant to my list?

Using the "Add a Bill" option, enter a biller name to search merchants or create a new merchant.

When can I begin making payments to a new merchant I added?

You can begin making payments to that merchant immediately.

What if I have multiple accounts with the same merchant?

Each account number requires a merchant name. Therefore, you would have multiple listings of the same merchant name with each having a unique account number.

How does a merchant receive my money?

The Service reserves the right to select the method in which to remit funds on your behalf to your Biller. These payment methods may include, but may not be limited to, an electronic payment; an electronic to check payment; or a laser draft payment. (Funds remitted to the Biller are deducted from your Payment Account when the laser draft is presented to your financial institution for payment).

What Wayne Bank accounts can I use to pay bills?

Your Wayne Bank checking account(s) may be used to pay bills. If you do not see one of your accounts you may add it by contacting customer service at 800-598-5002.

When I make a payment, when will the money come out of my account?

Your account will be debited on the due date of the payment you processed. Should a future dated or recurring payment date fall on a non-business day the payment request will be entered for processing the preceding business day.

What if my one-time or recurring payment falls on a non-business day?

One-time payments cannot be scheduled for non-business days. Recurring payments are scheduled payments set up to happen on the same day or date each month (example: monthly on the 15th). If one of these recurring dates falls on a non-business day, the payment is processed on the preceding business day.

How will I know if a payment was processed successfully?

The Bill Payment "Payment History" will show a status of "Paid" for that particular payment. However, this does not guarantee the merchant received or posted this payment or that your Wayne Bank account has been debited, this may take up to three (3) business days from the scheduled payment date.

What if my account number with my merchant/payee changes?

When adding a new merchant, we encourage you to verify that you accurately entered your account number that identifies you with that merchant. If your account number with a merchant changes, you can modify this information within the system. It is recommended that you frequently verify all your merchant information within Bill Payment.

What if my payment was not received by the merchant?

Please allow a reasonable processing time of five (5) business days from the date you made your bill payment before notifying us. Then, upon your inquiry to us, we will research the payment and resolve the matter as expeditiously as possible.

How do I cancel or change a bill payment request?

You can cancel or change payments listed as "Pending" on the "Bill Payment" menu anytime up to 10:00 PM Eastern Time of the date you established as the payment date. If the payment date is a non-business day or holiday, you must cancel the payment by 10:00 PM Eastern Time on the preceding business day. The system displays an error message if you attempt to modify a payment after this deadline.

How do I cancel my bill payment service?

You may cancel "bill pay" by using one of the following methods:

  1. Send us a Direct Link secure email containing your name and phone number or,
  2. Send us a signed written request by mail, containing your name, phone number.
  3. Go to the My Profile tab in Bill Pay and select Cancel Service.

For further assistance, you may call us at 800-598-5002.

Before cancelling the service, give careful consideration to the following:

  • Unpaid payments with a status of "Pending", including recurring payments, will be cancelled and not paid.
  • Payments with a status of "Processing" will be paid prior to cancellation.
  • Access to your payment activity will be cancelled and no payment research will be possible. We recommend you verify the status of all scheduled payments prior to cancelling Bill Payment service.
  • If you decide to re-join "bill pay" after terminating, it will be necessary to re-enroll and re-establish your merchant list.

Can I review my payment history?

Payment history is retained for seven (7) years. You may search for past payments by using one or a combination of the following:

  • Date
  • Biller
  • Category
  • Status
  • Account

Can I download transactions to my personal financial manager software?

Yes, an export button is located on the Transaction page. This feature will process a .CSV file which can be saved as an excel file on your computer.

What should I do if I have a question regarding Bill Payment?

  • Contact Bill Payment customer service toll free at: 866-476-3794 - between the hours of 7:00AM and 1:00AM EST, 7 days a week.
  • Or send us a "secure" email using theInternet Banking Secure Mail service
  • Or write to us at:
    Wayne Bank
    Electronic Banking Department
    PO Box 269
    Honesdale, PA 18431-0269